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The fourth installment in the “Bad Boys” franchise arrives later this summer. Since the movie franchise takes place in Miami, two of the city’s biggest stars made cameos in a new trailer for “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” alongside actors Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

The trailer begins by alluding to Jimmy Butler pondering a move away from the Miami Heat. As the trailer unfolds, Butler actually shows up to the house where Smith and Lawrence are watching television.

Butler reveals that he wants to be a “Bad Boy,” and Smith and Lawrence begin training him to see if he’s fit to join them. Butler eventually has a change of heart, choosing to return to basketball.

In addition to Butler, Inter Miami star Lionel Messi knocks at the door, and says that he’s looking for the “Bad Boys.” Smith and Lawrence tell Messi that he has the wrong house and close the door.

Butler’s actual future with the Heat remains uncertain. His 2023-24 season came to an unceremonious end when he missed all five of the Heat’s games against the Boston Celtics in the opening round of the NBA playoffs. Butler is reportedly looking for a contract extension with the Heat, but the team hasn’t committed to a new deal. Butler is scheduled to make $48.8 million during the 2024-25 season.

Meanwhile, Messi is entering his new season in Miami after previously playing for Paris Saint-Germain. During his time with Inter Miami, Messi has registered 11 goals in 16 matches as he’s become one of Major League Soccer’s biggest stars.

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